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(((…)))/ OATH - split TAPE (broken noise records) RM9
?DASH!/ HULK HOGAN - split TAPE (cro magnon distro)  RM13
13DAS - demo 2013 TAPE  RM8
24 REASONS - why they're starving, while other gain billions 96 TAPE (basement records) re issue RM6
ABHORER - rumpus of the undead TAPE (thrashing fist productions) RM20
ABRASION/ KNIFEWOUND - split TAPE (sukma records) RM10
AGONIZED - consumed TAPE (broken noise records) RM9
ALCHEMY OF SICKNESS/ HOLIDAY SUCKERS - split TAPE (nuclear alcoholocaust records) RM12
ALCHEMY OF SICKNESS/ PROLETAR - split TAPE (operation noise tapes/ disco 346) RM8
ALL THESE WHILE... - demo TAPE (sangsara records/ inferior666 records) RM10
ALMOST EVERYTHING SUCKS - demo 2013 TAPE (liku-likuan entertainment/ lesstalk records) RM8
ANAK SETAN - cyclonic depression TAPE (grind today/ ciptarea) RM10
ANGELHOLOCAUST - epiklesis TAPE (nusantarajim productions/ pure holocaust) RM9
ANGUISH - hung rotten TAPE  RM9
APPARATUS - another night of holocaust TAPE (horror regime)  RM10
APPARATUS - lost demo TAPE  RM8
APPARATUS - lost demo TAPE (doombringer records)  RM8
ARKHAYTUL MAYT - chant of archaic tombs TAPE   RM9
ASANGATA - rise of the black sheep TAPE (sonic funeral)  RM15
ATAUL - demo 2013 TAPE (mandarangan recordings) RM12
ATRET/ RECONSTRUCT - split TAPE (broken noise) RM8
ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES - too punk for myspace TAPE  RM10
AU REVOIR - mystikult TAPE (faithcraft productions) RM9
AZMYL YUNOR/ HELL LOW - split TAPE (noise mongers) RM10
BAD+ - crazy little punk TAPE (brigade records) RM8
BATTLESTORM - demonic incursion TAPE (basement records) come with A4 poster RM8
BENZOATE - hate the living, love the dead ! TAPE (basement records) RM8
BLACK BOOTS - keras kepala TAPE (various label) RM10
BLOODY ACT OF TERROR - complete discography 2006-2012 TAPE (various label) RM11
BRUTAL REACTION/ FxMxFxMxN - split TAPE (tarung records/ diy noise) RM10
BULLET PROOF/ CHAKA - split TAPE (sukma records) RM8
BUNGA HITAM - singgel impunitas TAPE  RM12
BUSUK/ THIS COLONY - split TAPE (anarkopop/ nekropolis kolektiva records) RM10
CARLOS DUNGA/ DEATH OF PRESIDENT - split TAPE (ckpyg idea/ tarung records) RM10
CIRCLE OF FRIENDS - demo 2005 TAPE (self release) RM8
CLAW - negativity through solitude TAPE (apocalypse venomous records) RM9
COMPULSION TO KILL/ SHITNOISE BASTARDS - split TAPE (total shit production/ nuclear alcoholocaust records) RM8
COMPULSION TO KILL/ WEAPON CREAK - split TAPE (diy attack minidistro) RM8
CORONATION - self title TAPE RM9
CREMMATURE - a psychopathic murder TAPE (valhalla production) RM12
CRIMESCENE - demo 2008 TAPE (cactus records) RM8
CRUSHxCH - reality, gaffe, rotteness TAPE (r.a.p.s records) RM10
DEAD SYMPHONY - the sense of humanity that perishes TAPE (sangsara records) RM7
DIS-BOIKOT/ ARI ANGGARA - split TAPE (headhunter records) RM8
DISCOSHIT - teror sriwijaya mental serigala TAPE (anarkopop) RM10
DOSA - 100 tracks mini discography TAPE (roots active/ raung records) RM8
DRASTIC NOISE - combatants of anarchy TAPE (united hate) RM18
ENAM JAHANAM - self title TAPE  RM8
EXECUTED - self title TAPE (cactus records/ revulsion records)  RM8
FILSUFATIA - buried beneath & forgotten TAPE (fragile branch recordings)    RM13
FIRSTBLOOD/ DISARM - split TAPE (sukma records) RM8
FUKK BAR CULTURE - self title TAPE (atonal microtonal) RM8
GOATLUSTING CHAOS - for I am the goatlord TAPE (nusantarajim productions) RM9
GOATLUSTING CHAOS - sacrificial goat inferno TAPE (metal porn productions) RM9
GOATLUSTING CHAOS/ REFICUL ESRUC - split TAPE (goat ov mendes productions) RM9
HAFYUKAL - semangat tok janggut TAPE (metal porn productions) RM9
HANATOR - memories of eastern warrior TAPE  RM9
HAUL - rima penghitam cakrawala TAPE (hands to heaven records) RM8
HELLOWAR - self title TAPE RM8
HOAX - there's no grey land TAPE (spektakel records/ tarung records) RM10
HOLIDAY SAKKERS/ SINGKARAT - split TAPE (dogma artistic guerrilla) RM7
IMPIOUS BLOOD - temple of flesh, pillars of bones demo 2013 TAPE (nexro records) RM9
INSINNER - the world that decayed demo 2014 TAPE  RM9
JAHAT - 5 songs demo TAPE (doombringer records) RM8
JALAN SEHALA/ PEREK KASI GEREK - split tape (kratom city/ rat will feast) RM8
JERK KEROUAC/ ROTGUT - split TAPE (dogma artistic guerrilla) RM7
KATHGOR - descendants from the depth TAPE (re issue) brown cover RM8
KATHGOR - descendants from the depth TAPE (reissue) red cover RM8
KELADAK/ THINK! TADPOLE! THINK! - split tape (noisemonger records) RM8
KERAS KEPALA - total destruction TAPE (disarmament records) RM8
KONTRADIKSI - pecahkan telinga TAPE (larkin terror records)  RM8
KONTRASOSIAL - vol 4 TAPE (hell is others records) RM10
KURASAKUASA - conspiracy shapes life TAPE (broken noise) RM9
LAKNAT/ PSYCHOTIC SUFFEREANCE - split TAPE (tarung records) RM10
LEAD II NITRATE - pity is not enough TAPE (sangsara records) RM7
LIFELORN - katalis sebuah obsesi TAPE (fragile branch recordings)  RM13
LUNA AZURE - kekl TAPE dubbing tape RM8
MASKBURN - life is short TAPE (pissed off! records/ bullwhip records) RM8
MASS SEPARATION/ UNHOLY GRAVE split 2000 TAPE (basement records) RM8
MAXIMUM THRASH/ ARCHAGATHUS - split TAPE (grind today records/ maximum noise records)  RM10
MEDIEVAL - anthems of destruction TAPE (gempita records) RM9
MELARAT / OPPROBRIUM ABORNMENT - split TAPE (cactus records) RM8
MINUS - anger arise year 2014 limited edition double TAPE (broken noise/ blood of war) RM16
MINUS - give my freedom TAPE (broken noise records/ blood of war records) RM8
MOBILIZER - kembali kepada tuhan TAPE (roots active) RM10
MUTILATION - massacre on bodies demo 1991 TAPE (basement records) RM7
MUTILATION - massacre on bodies TAPE (afterlife productions) RM9
MUTT - deathmatch and cross the line TAPE (headhunter records) RM8
MY PRECIOUS/ GAUGE MEANS NOTHING - missing tom split TAPE (papakerma) RM8
N.I.S/ A.P.F.A.P.W.A.A split TAPE (larkin terror records)  RM8
NAILED - self title TAPE  RM8
NAKED WEAPON - no longer fear TAPE (foxhole records) RM8
NEFTARAKA - eternal harsh TAPE (apocalypse venomous records) RM9
NEFTARAKA - macabre the demo TAPE (eastern myth records) RM9
NIHILGOAT - promo 2012 TAPE  RM6
NORTHDARK - dark prophecy TAPE (mobid invasion rex/ eastern myth production) RM9
NOT SELLING ANYTHING - shove it up yer ass !!! TAPE  RM8
NVT - nihilist volcanic terror TAPE (kimar records) RM9
OBSESIF KOMPULSIF/ SHAOLIN FINGER JABB - split TAPE (mindo wangsa records) RM8
PAGANFIRE - wreaking fear and death TAPE (mandarangan recordings)  RM12
PAKATAN HARAM JADAH - dandragula TAPE (cactus records) RM8
PARANOIA - kapolset TAPE (roots active) RM9
PATHOGEN / TOXEMIA - split TAPE (mandarangan recordings)  RM12
PROLETAR - back to hatevolution discography TAPE (doombringer records/ anarkopop.inc/ manufacturing hatred/ ckpyngidea records) RM8
PROLETAR - physical and mental torture TAPE (badai production/ time up records) RM8
PROLETAR/ GREBER - split TAPE (doombringer records/ movement records/ cinta itu buta/ tarung records) RM8
PROxAKTIF/ GATOT SUBROTO - split TAPE (tomat records/ underlable) RM10
PURGE THE ARBITRATOR - pain theory addiction TAPE RM9
PUTRIFIED REMAINS - in gloomy darkness mourning TAPE (morning invasion) RM9
REPUTDEATH - into the cryptos (demo) TAPE  RM9
REVOLT - times flew away.. TAPE (samstrong records) RM10
ROTGUT - rotfuckinggutdemo2012 TAPE (sukma records/ pure minds records) RM8
ROTGUT/ SETE STAR SEPT - grind over matter split TAPE (dogma artistic guerrilla) RM8
ROTTEN RUCKUS – social control TAPE (basement records) RM8
SAKTISM/ IMPERADOR - split TAPE (metal porn productions) RM9
SCOTT THRASHED - thrash out and fast!! TAPE (various label) RM8
SENSE OF CRISIS/ WARDOGS - split TAPE (exit music) RM8
SERANG SERBU - kamilah negatif TAPE (akhir jaman records) RM10
SERANG SERBU - limbah pasca kapitalis TAPE  RM12
SEVORUM - siege demons TAPE (nusantarajim productions/ seventh hell production)  RM9
SHITNOISE BASTARDS - recharge TAPE (nuclear alcoholocaust records) red cover  RM9
SHITNOISE BASTARDS - recharge TAPE (nuclear alcoholocaust records) white cover  RM9
SHITNOISE BASTARDS/ AGATHOCLES - split TAPE (varios label) green logo cover RM8
SHITNOISE BASTARDS/ AGATHOCLES - split TAPE (varios label) red logo cover RM8
SIGMUN - the long haul TAPE (cactus records/ orange cliff records) RM8
SMG/ COUNTLESS GRAVES - grindcore fucks split 2008 TAPE (razor sharp daggers records)  RM9
SMG/ CSMD - split 2008 TAPE (razor sharp daggers records) blue cover white tape RM9
SMG/ MICHAEL CRAFTER - split TAPE (bebal mailorder/ stockr distro/ dendo records) RM7
SMG/ ULTRAAUDIO - split TAPE (rip kids/ tarong records) RM10
SOFT - a warm romanticism in clodwave room TAPE  RM8
STRONZA - demo TAPE (prohibited projects/ azadghei records) RM10
TAKE IT BACK - out of skate TAPE (sukma records)  RM7
THRASH OHOOII - blasting your silly head TAPE (cactus records/ revulsion records)  RM8
THRASH OHOOII - blasting your silly head TAPE (cactus records/ revulsion records) green tape RM8
TOLAKKOK - 666 thrash fun TAPE (foxhole records/ kratom city hardcore/ tebulaihnyor distro) RM8
TORMENTOR - thrash assault demo 2013 TAPE (roots active) RM10
TOXEMIA - planetary devastation TAPE (metal porn productions) RM8
TUMOR GANAS - reality inverter TAPE (various label) RM11
TURTLES. JR - bintang mati TAPE (kuyangora record/ disarmament records)  RM8
UGLY BASTARD - dunia tidak sedang baik-baik saja, kawan! TAPE (anarkopop) RM10
UNADULTERATED PARASITES - demo 2013 TAPE (various label) RM8
UNHOLY SMOKERS - political madness demo 2013 TAPE (foxhole records) RM8
V/A - 10 WAY GRIND SPLIT 2013 reissue TAPE (sludgesicle records) with yacopsae, necrocannibalistic vomitorium, gorgonized dorks, psychotic sufferance, fascist Insect and more  RM12
V/A - 3 WAY DISASTER split TAPE (gusti katil records/ mutasi records) with terror of dynamite attack, kill our leader, no regret RM8
V/A - 4 THE EYES OF BLAST BEAT - split 4 way TAPE (tarung records/ movement records) with obsesif Kompulsif, ninjahatorry, floco, sonata  RM10
V/A - APOKALPTIK HORROR IN THE SOUND OF WAR - split 4way TAPE (brigade records/ doombringer records/ radical hijau) with winds of genocide, firstblood, diskelma, satellite RM8
V/A - CALAMITY METAL compilation vol 1 TAPE (calamity productions) with mobilizer, cranial incisored, vrykolakas, last vigil, vomitarium, nafrat, goryvomit, pathogen and many more RM10
V/A - FOUR WAY split japan/ indonesia/ argentina/ brazil TAPE (doombringer records/ kruust hornier/ desahogo records/ karasu killer records/ ultra violence records) with darge, korrupt, horro humano, resto de feira RM8
V/A - IS THE END OF THE WORLD - split 4 way TAPE (sukma records) with orror, banni conflict, diseksa, singkarat   RM8
V/A - LIVE AT LITHE compilation TAPE with after the sky, hear me today, and they whisper in silence, misissued, paris in the making, pathos, sleepeasy, yumi RM10
V/A - music is our weapon grindcore compilation TAPE (various label) with alchemy of sickness, compulsion to kill, deforming torture, diseksa, eye's popping out, grind(d)amage, hellterror, magnitizdat, morra, psychotic sufferance, pyro, rakus,smg, s.o.t, terlarang RM8
V/A - PUNK DA MORTE : three way split ep TAPE (doombringer records/ live fast die drunk records) with zudas krust, to-die, korrupt RM8
V/A - SAVE OUR LAST HOPE compilation TAPE (blindsight  records/ bingyt distro/ raung records) with cch, narzib, engrave, nothing to prove, new winds, pn, pile driver, blood of sara, force of change RM8
V/A - THE DEATH OF ANALOG PSYCHO compilation TAPE (faithcraft productions) with atomicdeath, blood region, sectioned, hereafter, hailgun, twisted fate, tiran, kathgor, varathron, empheris, sickness, torch, putrefied remains, wreckar, bestial hordes, died. RM9
VAARALLINEN - sosiaalinen kontrolli TAPE (cactus records) RM8
VAULT – war fucking war TAPE (basement records) -new cover - 3rd pressing RM7
VAULT - war fucking war TAPE (hammerblow records/ basement records) blue cover RM10
VAULT - war fucking war TAPE (hammerblow records/ basement records) green cover RM8
VAULT - war fucking war TAPE (hammerblow records/ basement records) yellow cover RM8
VAULT/ ALCOHOLIC FORCE - split TAPE (return the crusher of posers) RM10
X R D M - demo 2013 TAPE (revulsion records) RM8
YVONES - have some fun, when you're done having fun TAPE (exit music) RM8
ZABOGART - bebaskan TAPE (r.a.p.s records) RM10
ZUDAS KRUST - a loyal slave to the apocalyptic order TAPE (doombringer records) RM8
ZUDAS KRUST - here lies your gods TAPE (doombringer records) RM8
NUCTEMERON – legacy of swirling blackness TAPE (basement records) RM9
KATHGOR – the lord of infernal blasphemy TAPE (basement records) RM9
VAULT – live in osaka TAPE (basement records) RM8

13TH MOON - the pale spectre over the worm demo TAPE (evil prevails production)   RM13
ACT OF IMPALEMENT - self title TAPE (caligari records) RM16
AGATHOCLES - razor sharp daggers TAPE (kandar mosh distro) RM8
AIR RAID - danger ahead TAPE (krusty blade) RM9
ASPEX - peaceful life is now your nightmare TAPE (black konflik records)  RM8
AVULSED - ritual zombi TAPE (narrows) RM9
BEAST CONJURATOR - strange aeons TAPE (old corpse goat prods) RM9
BLACK FEAST - worship of darkness demo TAPE (witchhammer production) RM12
BLACK HOLE OF CALCUTTA - 7" collection TAPE (sukma records) RM8
BLAND VARGAR - perpetual return TAPE (caligari records) RM16
BRODY'S MILITIA - distort the wastelands : demos collection TAPE (disarmament records) RM9
BRUTAL TRUTH - birth of ignorance demo 1990 TAPE (pure mind records/ basement records) RM7
CANCER SPREADING - ep's collection 2008-2012 TAPE (tunes from the dumpster)  RM11
CATHODE - … a machine that never falters TAPE (disarmament records) blue tape RM8
CHAOS DESTROY - fuck more TAPE (black konflik records)   RM8
CHOKE THIRST DIE - bastard race TAPE (dying victims productions) RM13
COLLISION - roadkiller TAPE (r.a.p.s records) RM10
COMADRE - burn your bones / songs about the youth TAPE (pure minds records) RM8
COSTA'S CAKE HOUSE - 555 TAPE (end up records) RM6
CRNOBOG - demo TAPE (roots active) RM9
CRUTCHES - lurad d-beat tsunami ep & demo TAPE (pissed off! Records/ bullwhip records) RM8
DAMN - self title TAPE (pure minds records) RM6
DEAD REICH - s/t TAPE (black konflik records)       RM8
DEADFALL - 2001-2004 TAPE (time up records) RM10
DEFIANT - self title TAPE (black konlik) RM8
DEFY - desprazer TAPE (sukma records) RM8
DEKAPITED - contra iglesia y estado TAPE (various label)  RM13
DEMON BITCH - death is hanging… TAPE (evil prevails production) indonesia edition RM13
DEVOID OF FAITH - discography TAPE (sangsara records) RM10
DIABOLICAL DEMON DIRECTOR - the death sentence TAPE (self release) RM10
DISFORTUNE - disanthropy TAPE (desorden) RM11
DISGRAVED - demo 2013 TAPE (witchhammer productions)  RM10
DISORDER - mental disorder ep TAPE (black konflik records)    RM8
DIS-TANK - d-beat machine TAPE (kibou records) RM11
DOOM - corrupt fucking system TAPE (ricecooker recording/ kerbauworks records) RM10
DRY HEAVES - south east asian tour TAPE (atonal microtonal) RM8
EARTH TODAY - 2001-2002 TAPE (bullwhip records) RM6
EIGHTEEN VISIONS - the best of TAPE (trustkill records) RM10
ELIZABETH - insomnia TAPE (cactus records) RM8
EXTINCT EXIST - demo mmxiii TAPE (blood of war records) RM8
EYELESS - gloomy day TAPE (revulsion records/ death mutt records/ battle grounnd records) RM6
FAMILY MAN - self title TAPE (various label) RM8
FART - thunder from down under TAPE (sukma records) RM6
FETO - hangover over graveyards TAPE (chivo negro productions)  RM14
GET COLD - demo TAPE (cro magnon distro) RM13
GHOST TOWER - head of night TAPE (metal punx rex) RM14
GLOBAL PARASITE - lost in translation TAPE (cinta itu buta records) RM10
GONGURI - 2014 ep TAPE RM13
HATECHARGED - vomitodio TAPE (various label) RM13
HEAD CLEANER - of worms and men TAPE (screaming victims) RM14
HEAD CLEANER - resistance, determination and the sheer will to overcome TAPE (screaming victims/ angry owl records) RM14
HELLBLAZER - knives, forks, scissors and deadly hot pokers TAPE (pure minds records) RM8
HELLISHEAVEN - bringing death to servants of capitalism TAPE (sukma records) RM8
HERO DISHONEST - discography TAPE (old skool kids/ mss/ homo sentimentalis records)   RM10
IMPALER OF PEST - the blasphemous sinner of damnation impurity TAPE (old goat corpse prods) RM9
INCAPACITATE - march to the death TAPE (mandarangan recordings) RM12
INFECTONATOR - brainfuckers TAPE (witchhammer productions) RM10
INTENSITY - self title TAPE (sangsara records) RM10
IRON CURTAIN - jaguar spirit TAPE (root active productions) RM10
IRON LUNG - white glove test TAPE (cactus records)  RM8
I'M… - dying everyday TAPE RM11
JAZZUS - discography TAPE (teriak records/ end up records) RM6
JESUS CROST - 010 TAPE (r.a.p.s records) RM10
JESUS CROST - tot TAPE (r.a.p.s records) RM10
KRUEL - noise not music TAPE (black konflik records)        RM8
LACK - blues moderne : danois explosifs TAPE (elephant eye records) RM10
LADY BEAST - self title TAPE (inferno records)  RM12
LAHDON AIKA - hetken kestaa elamaa TAPE (bullwhip records) RM6
LAUSTRUMER - audioplague outbreak alert TAPE (black konflik records)          RM8
LYCANTHROPHY - self title TAPE (bullwhip records/ pissed off !) RM8
M40 - historiens svarta vingslag TAPE (revulsion records/ bullwhip records/ pised off records) RM8
MADMAN - force of sound TAPE (war productions) RM9
MASADA - hideous rot TAPE (serpent eve records)  RM14
MEANING  - brave new world TAPE (verructor/ nervhous records/ skullitica) RM8
MELLAKKA - R.I.P recordings 1984-1986 TAPE (totalmangel records)   RM8
METH DRINKER - self title TAPE (cactus records) RM8
MOBATTACK - live doomsday TAPE (desorden) RM11
MODERAT LIKVIDATION - mammutation TAPE (disarmament) RM7
MORSER - two hours to doom TAPE (pure mind records) RM8
MOSH ANGEL - in the sign of mosh angel demotape assault TAPE (witchhammer production) RM12
MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD - nothing in vain TAPE (trustkill records) RM10
MAGNESIUM – buried ‘n’ live TAPE (basement records) RM10
NEKROFILTH - worship destruction TAPE (horror regime) RM12
NEXUL - nexulzifer TAPE (hellheadbangers records)  RM13
NISSES NOTTER - knucta TAPE (black konflik records)       RM8
NOCTURNAL VOMIT - cursed relics TAPE (afterlife productions) RM9
NUCLEAR SEX ADDICT - seminaal fuckkwit demo TAPE (disarmament records) white tape RM8
NUNSLAUGHTER - desecration over sabahells TAPE (derangement project) RM10
NUNSLAUGHTER - the day we die TAPE (rhapsodeath productions) RM13
OMISSION - thrash metal is violence TAPE (war productions) RM9
PEROXIDE - can you hear the sound of peace? ep TAPE (black konflik) RM8
PERVERSIFIER - perverting the masses TAPE (dying victims productions)  RM13
POISON - live laupheim germany 29-03-86 TAPE  RM12
POWERED BY DEATH - plug it in demo TAPE (witchhammer productions)  RM10
PRIME EVIL - evilution TAPE (inferno records)  RM12
PROBLEMS - make it through the night TAPE (cactus records) RM8
PROJECT HOPELESS - valkommen till var sopfyllda fabrik TAPE (bullwhip records) RM8
PROMISCUITY - basic instinct TAPE (dying victims productions) RM13
RAPPA - the still gray future TAPE (deadbir records/ blackhole) RM8
RED DONS - fake meets failure TAPE (tandang store) RM8
REST IN PEACE - exhumed TAPE (metal punx rex)  RM14
RETURN - rehearsel demo 2011 TAPE (witchhammer productions)  RM10
ROTTED (THE) - ad nauseam TAPE (dead beat media) RM8
SANCTIONS - home sweet home TAPE (meat cube label/ anit corporate music) black tape RM10
SARABANTE - remnants TAPE (4490 records) RM10
SCAREMAKER - burning inquisition TAPE (witchhammer production) RM12
SEE YOU IN HELL - utok ! TAPE (pissed off records/ sukma records)  RM6
SEKIEN - crime and punishment TAPE (broken noise) RM9
SETE STAR SEPT - messenger from the darkness TAPE  RM8
SETE STAR SEPT - sacrifice TAPE  RM8
SEVEN CROWNS - sunskulls TAPE (various label) RM8
SILBATO - self title TAPE (bullwhip records) RM6
SILBATO - self title TAPE (bullwhip records) blue tape RM6
SKANKA - demo 2011 TAPE (black konflik records)     RM8
SLEIGHT - demo TAPE (cro magnon distro)  RM13
SLOTH - live at sloth's bass-player's b-day show TAPE (cleveland continental) RM13
SNMS - demo 2009 TAPE (witchhammer production)  RM12
SOCIAL CHAOS - ciclo da traicao TAPE (sukma records) RM8
SOUND OF DISASTER - the swedish disaster 84-85 TAPE (AON records) dubbing tape RM9
STALINGRAD - patty we kind of missed you on your birthday TAPE (sangsara records) RM6
STRAIGHT EDGE MY ASS - loaded packed and fucking done TAPE (inferior 666 records/means to an end records) RM10
STRAIGHTJACKETNATION - southeast asia tour limited edition TAPE (make me sick tapes) green tape RM8
STRAIGHTJACKETNATION - southeast asia tour limited edition TAPE (make me sick tapes) red tape RM8
SUNRISE - blood spills everyday TAPE (cactus records) RM6
SUPPRESSION - if you don't understand now, you never will TAPE (e.h.s/onkel tuka tapes) RM11
SWORDWIELDER - demo TAPE (blood of war records) RM8
TINNER - you wanted the best you got the worst TAPE (razor sharp daggers records) blue cover RM8
TINNER - you wanted the best you got the worst TAPE (razor sharp daggers records) green cover RM8
TINNER - you wanted the best you got the worst TAPE (razor sharp daggers records) orange cover RM8
TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION - peace, love and total fucking destruction TAPE (pure minds records) white tape RM8
TYRANEX - extermination has begun TAPE (inferno records) RM12
UNEQUAL REALITY - never forget black story TAPE (black konflik records)     RM8
UPYR - altars / tunnels TAPE (serpent eve records) RM14
VAGINORS - discography TAPE (blood of war/ doombringer records) RM8
VEILS - unquestionable appreciation of suffering TAPE (canya records) RM11
VENUS TORMENT - espiral infinito demo TAPE (evil prevails production)  RM13
VESPERA - discografi TAPE (black konflik records)   RM8
VOMIT OF DOOM - southern black demon TAPE (obscure sound production) RM9
WAGE OF SIN (THE) - the product of deceit and loneliness TAPE (elephant eye records) RM10
WARCULT - rehearsel TAPE dubbing tape RM8
WARTHREAT - raw punk and chaos noise TAPE (doombringer records/ live fast die drunk/ delusion of terror) RM8
WARVICTIMS - lognen om fredsavtalet TAPE (blood of war records) RM8
WEAPONIZER - self title TAPE (chivo negro productions)   RM14
WHIPSTRIKER - troopers of mayhem TAPE (hellforced records) RM8
WILBUR COBB - i eat punks like you for breakfast ! TAPE (karatekore records) RM8
WINDS OF GENOCIDE - the arrival of apokalytic armageddon TAPE (doombringer records)   RM8
WITCHES SABBAT - i:black rituals TAPE (witchhammer prods) RM11
YATTAI - self title TAPE (sukma records) white tape RM6
ZANN - three years in the desert TAPE (pure mind records) RM8
ADA/ UNEQUAL REALITY - split TAPE (black konflik records)     RM8
AGATHOLES/ DEPRESSION -split TAPE (roots active) RM10
ALLI WITH AN I/ DREAMS COME TRUE - split TAPE (old skool kids)  RM8
ANGER IS BEAUTIFUL/ ZANN - split TAPE (pure minds records) RM8
ATROCITY MASTER/ MAD RECITAL - split demo TAPE (bloodbath records/ noting note tape)  RM11
BORA/ ENDSTAND - the split TAPE (old skool kids/ kablio muzika)   RM8
BULLDOZING BASTARD/ WHIPSTRIKER - split TAPE (dying victims productions) RM13
CHOICE OF MY OWN / OUT OF TIME - split TAPE (end up records/ 321 go! Records) RM6
CHOICE OF MY OWN / OUT OF TIME - split TAPE (end up records/ 321 go! Records) blue tape RM6
LE PAINT CHIPS/ SLOTH - split TAPE (cleveland continental) RM13
V/A - LE SQUATT MIMILE - compilation TAPE (le squatt mimile est une production de) with porc bleu, molarie, primitiv bunko, alcatraz, pleum, 5 minuts of chiasse, opstand, king biscuit, rachel RM8
V/A - THREE WAY TAPE - 3 bands split demo TAPE (cadaverizer records) with extreme hair stench, potabilizadora, machakakraneos  RM11