BAMN - anywhere but forward 10" (bridge records/ pnc/ not enough records/ putrid filth conspiracy) RM37
BESTHOVEN - born to kill dreams… 10" (symphony of destruction) + slipmat RM57
DAWN/ SANCTIONS - split 10" (anti corporate music inc./ meat cube label) RM37
DEAD FOR A MINUTE - diegese 10" (abstr.act records/ shynia records/ shogun records) RM32
DISGUSTING LIES - don't ask, just listen! 10" (angry records/ agipunk) RM32
HELLCHILD/ WORLD SALAD - split 10" (hater of god records) RM42
IVICH - la vie devant soi 10" (ebullition) RM37
MASSICK - 33 stereo 10" (various label) RM32
NECRODEATH - the shining pentagram demo 1985 10" (terror from hell) RM62
PORTOBELLO/ HINT/ OULED EL RAI - split 10" (walked in line) clear transparent vinyl RM32
REVOLTE - self title 10" (various label) RM32
SETIEMBRE ONCE - no estamos a salvo 10” (various label)  RM38
SILNA WOLA - chaos 10" (malarie records) RM32
SIN APOYO - la ciudad del espectacilo 10" (cachilapo records/ disyouth/ depraved&devilish/ sedicion acrata discos) RM37
APPÄRATUS - hardcore religion 12" band version (basement records) blue cover RM60
APPÄRATUS - hardcore religion 12" band version (basement records) red cover RM75
APPÄRATUS - hardcore religion 12" band version (shogun records) green cover RM65
APPÄRATUS - hardcore religion 12" band version (shogun records) purple cover RM70
AURETTE AND THE POLSKA SEEKING CARNIVAL - self title 12" (elevation records)  RM108
BANGKOK ALCOHOL (THE)/ STARTS - split picture 12" (saale power records) RM85
BANGSAT/ CAUSE OF DIVORCE - split 12" (various label) RM65
BATTLESTORM - demonic incursion 12" (at war with false noise) RM110
DEADSQUAD - horror vision 12" picture disc RM119
FALLEN WORLD/ VERGE ON REASON - split 12" (meat at us music) RM45
HELLEXIST - age of death 12" (various label) RM70
IMPIETY - the impious crusade 12" (hellheadbanger records) RM80
IMPIETY - tormentors of kota bharu 12" (gempita records) RM75
IMPIETY - vengeance hell immemorial 12" (hellheadbanger records)   RM75
IMPIETY - vengeance hell immemorial 12" (hellheadbanger records) color vinyl   RM70
INFERNAL EXECRATOR - antichrist execration 12" (apocalyptic empire records) RM67
INFERNAL EXECRATOR - antichrist execration 12" (apocalyptic empire records) color RM88
LIBATION/ ITNOS - split 12" (baphometal records) RM99
MAGNICIDE/ TOXIC REVOLUTION - split 12" (tvg records) RM65
MANTAK - diabolical psycholust 12" (chalice of blood angel) RM77
NECHBEYTH - coerce creed 12" (ironbonehead) RM76
NEGATIVE LOVERS - .38 loves me 10" (picture in my ear) RM69
NOCTURNIZED - obliterate 12" (neue asthetik) RM76
OBSERVATORY (THE) - dark folke double 12"  RM97
OBSERVATORY (THE)/ MOE - split 12"  RM84
PAGANFIRE - invoke false metal's death 12" (monster nation) RM70
PEACE OR ANNIHILATION - fear control 12" (shogun) RM52
PURBAWISESA/ AD ARMA - split 12" (dunkelheit produktionen)  RM84
PURBAWISESA/ AD ARMA - split 12" (dunkelheit produktionen) color RM106
SAJAMA CUT - the osaka journals 12" (elevation records/ the bronze medal records) RM152
SATAN! - kingbreaker 12" (hail satan records)  RM122
SECOND COMBAT - count on to survive 12" (darbouka/ kawaii/ rude kids crew/ pissart) RM57
SHELVES - self title 12" RM81
SOUTHERN BEACH TERROR - wave of blood 12" (sonic funeral/ elevation records) RM133
STUKAS - di bawah bendera kekejaman 12" (gempita records) RM88
SUCCUBUS - sadistic rites of evil 12" (gempita records) RM75
SURI - spacerider regular edition 12" + bonus CD demo (majemuk records) RM104
TERSANJUNG 13/ UNHOLY GRAVE - split 12" (crucificados records/ drop out records/ grind block records) color RM48
THIRD WORLD CHAOS - new move for error 12" (bootleg) RM83
THIS IS ATLANTIS - civilizations 12" (epidemic) RM58
V/A - NO TOMORROW 4 WAY 12" (bombs away/ crucificados pelo sistema) with besthoven, warvictims, peace or annihilation, kruel. RM61
V/A - TOO SHORT TO HANDLE compilation 12" with terlarang + others. RM55
VULGA - mayhem with mercy 12" (deathrash armageddon) brown transparent vinyl RM111
WWHIRR - modern hypocrisy 12" (merciless records) RM60
YONG YANDSEN - disillusion tenor saxophone 12"  RM60
VAULT - war fucking war 12 " (basement records) 2nd pressing RM50
9 SHOCK TERROR - zen and the art of beating your ass 12" (havoc records) mixed purple marble vinyl RM45
ABIGAIL - alive in… osaka 12" (heavy metal super star) RM301
ABUSO SONORO - herencia 12" (six weeks records) RM45
ACTIVE MINDS - free to be chained 12" (loony tunes records) RM55
ACTIVE MINDS - it's perfectly obvious that this system doesn't work 12" (loony tunes records/ maloka/ nikt nic nie wie) RM65
ACTIVE MINDS - welcome to the slaughterhouse 12" (loony tunes records) RM55
ÆSAHÆTTR - self title 12" (iconoclast) RM62
AETERNUM - dreamy silken moontew 12" (paranoia syndrome) white splatter on blue transparent vinyl RM45
AFTER THE BOMBS - relentless onslaught 12" (the total end/ vex) RM70
AGAINST ME! - is reinventing axl rose 12" (no idea) color vinyl RM58
ALKERDEEL - morinde 12" (consouling sounds/ at war with false noise) RM78
ARPHAXAT - loudun la maudite 12" (hell headbangers) RM80
ATOMIC AGGRESSOR - rise of the ancient ones 12" (hell headbangers) RM80
ATOMIZER - caustic music for the spiritually bankrupt 12” (hell headbangers) RM85
BLACK SUN - paralyser 12" (at war with false noise) RM53
BONDED BY BLOOD - feed the beast 12" (earache) RM70
BURN YOUR BRIDGES - self title 12" (deep six records) RM55
BYWAR - twelve devil´s graveyards 12" (witching metal records) RM85
CAUSTIC CHRIST - lycanthropy 12" (havoc records) RM45
CHARLES BRONSON - discography 1994 - 1997 12" (bootleg) RM100
CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY - future decay 12" (ripping storm records)  RM78
CHRONIC SEIZURE - ancient wound 12" (no way records/ fashionable idiots) RM55
CLONMACNOISE - memorie e colpe 12" (step ahead records) RM25
COMPLICITE CANDIDE - ...vzdyt strojum tolik chutna 12" (malarie records) clear transparent vinyl RM35
DAFTNOIZE - in the daftnoize ghetto ep 12" (re.start violence) red transparent vinyl  RM70
DE AANSLAG - de puinhopen van 8 jaar balkenende 12" (darcy trash)  RM40
DEFORMED CONSCIENCE - the hagen days 1991-1994 double 12" (unrest records) red transparent vinyl RM85
DEPRIVED - discography 89-92 12" (threat to existence records) mixed purple marble vinyl RM70
DERROTA - Asko Infinito 12" (rust and machine) light green marble vinyl RM65
DESVIRGHEITORS (aka FDS) - self title 12" (fobia-duros sentimientos) RM45
DETONATE - self title 12" (distort reality)  RM65
DETONIZE - rat dogs of war 12"  RM65
DIAMATREGON - crossroads 12" (paragon records) RM55
DIGITAL LEATHER - self title 12" (king of the monsters) RM35
DISCO // OLSO - self title 12" (various label)  RM45
DISFIGURED CORPSE - mega ultra intergalactic core 2000 12" (hyenyzm records) RM35
DISSYSTEMA - the silent earth 12"  (sysdumb records/ midnight sea records/ final attempt records) RM35
EL MARIACHI - self title 12" (various labels) RM35
END OF THE LINE - self title 12" (ebullition records) green transparent vinyl RM45
ENFORCER - into the night 12" (heavy artillery records) RM95
ERISTETYT - sita on systeemi; yks vitun sekasotku 12" (various label)  RM55
EVILE - enter the grave Double 12" (earache records) RM112
EXTREME NOISE ERROR - when the american dream is over 12" (state fucker) RM61
FAITHREAT - self title 12" (screaming victims) RM42
FAST FORWARD - self title 12" (king of the monsters) RM40
FIGHTING DOGS - self title 12" (ed walters records) RM35
FUCKING WARTH (THE) - season of evil 12" (challenge the throne) RM60
GAMABOMB - citizen brain 12" (earache) RM70
GEEKS (THE) - everytime we fall 12" (get outta town records) - light green marble vinyl RM53
HAWG JAW - believe nothing 12" (deep six records) RM45
HAYMARKET - friendly advice to the poor 12" (various label) RM45
HEALTH HAZARD - discography 12" (flat earth) RM65
HELLSTORM - one side 12" (various label) one sided/ silk screen other side  RM65
HOMEWREKERS - waiting for the end 12" (unrest records) red transparent vinyl RM65
INFERNOH - 7 spar ep 12" (distort reality) RM68
INFEST – slave 12” (bootleg) RM82
INHASTE - the wreckage 12" (unrest records) RM65
KEN PARK - la haine dans les yeux 12" (various labels) RM35
KILLED IN ACTION - we ruin fun 12" (six weeks records) RM45
KIMUSAWEA - kurze abhandlung vom menschen und seinem gluck 12" (nabate/ maximum voice prod.) RM25
KROMOSOM - nuclear reich 12" (distort reality) RM68
KURORT - frost 12" (sacro egoismo/ trost) RM35
LA CASA FANTOM - self title 12" (self released) RM25
LACK OF INTEREST - Take Another Step 12" (deep six records) maroon transparent vinyl RM55
MAGNESIUM - buried 'n' live double 12" (metal warning) RM145
MALICIOUS GRIND -  welcome to life 12" (new wave records) RM55
MAN LIFTING BANNER - the revolution continue double 12" (crucial response) RM87
MERCILESS DEATH - realm of terror 12" (heavy artillery records) RM85
MUNICIPAL WASTE - massive aggressive 12" (earache records) - black vinyl RM70
MUNICIPAL WASTE - massive aggressive 12" (earache records) - red transparent vinyl RM95
MUNICIPAL WASTE - massive aggressive 12" (earache records) - white marble vinyl RM95
NAUGHTY BY NATURE - tommy boy 12" (rhino) RM106
NAUSEA - crimes against humanity 12" (ripping storm records)  RM78
NECROMESSIAH - antiklerical terroristik death squad  12" (hell headbangers) RM80
OATH - transatlantic thrash terror 12" (youth attack records/ coalition/ gloom records) RM65
OH SHIT THEY'RE GOING TO KILL US - self title 12" (dear skull records) RM35
OTOPHOBIA - malignant 12" (deep six records) RM35
PARADISE LOST - in requiem 12" (century media) RM95
PASSIONATE HARTLESS - agony 12" (let's make our own records) RM30
PHANTOM WITCH - self title 12" (heavy artillery records) RM70
PISSED - greatest hits 12" (malarie records) RM45
PLAINE CRASSE - self title 12"   RM31
PORCELAIN FOREHEAD - frog boy lives 12" (no exit records) RM30
POSSESSED - seven churches 12" (monumentum records) RM95
PUNTAS DE ACERO - decadia de decadancia 12" (various label) RM65
RASHIT - kapak güzelleri 12" (darbouka records/ strongly opposed) RM70
RIGOR SARDONICOUS - vallis ex umbra de mortuus 12" (paragon records) RM55
SEDITION SUB ROSA (SSR) - self title (distort reality) RM65
SEND MORE PARAMEDICS - a feast for the fallen 12" (violent change) white marble vinyl RM55
SHANK - coded messages in slowed down songs 12" (deep six records/ 625 records) RM45
SHINING (THE) - rise of the degenerates 12" (various label)  RM40
SICKFIT - self title 12" (darcy trash/ bong records) RM40
SISTEMAS DE ANIQUILACION - south american noise terror 12" (various label) RM45
SLAUGHTER - meatcleaver 12" (ripping storm records) RM74
SLAUGHTER - meatcleaver 12" (ripping storm records) color vinyl RM78
SLEEP - dopesmoker double 12" (southern lord) black vinyl RM167
SLEEP - dopesmoker double 12" (southern lord) clear vinyl RM182
SLEEP - dopesmoker double 12" (southern lord) green vinyl RM177
SMITHS (THE) - boyfriend in a come 12" (bootleg) color vinyl RM104
SMITHS (THE) - unreleased demos & instrumentals double 12" (basement tapes & records) color vinyl RM157
SOUND OF FAILURE - the party is over 12" (ed walters records/ when humans attack! records) mixed grey marble vinyl RM35
STRAIGHTEDGE KEGGER - hurt 12" (rotten to the core) RM45
SUBTRACTTOZERO - self title 12" (primary thoughts) RM35
THE GUILT OF... - the guilt of... 12" (at war with false noise) color RM68
THOSE WHO SURVIVED THE PLAGUE - a plan to end all plans 12" (sacro k-baalismo/ jurassic park rec./ ick hor watt rec.) RM35
TOTÄLICKERS - el poder absoluto aniquila la vida 12" (various label)  RM65
TRI-CITY THUNDERCATS (THE ) - the early recordings 12" (king of the monsters) RM35
TRUE IF DESTROYED - self title 12" (franklin records/ cheap art records/ ed walters records) RM35
UNHOLY GRAVE - immortal grind legion 12" (heavy metal super star records) RM191
URSUT - dararnas paradis 12" (la familia records/ unrest records/ 4490 records) RM60
USURPRESS - trenches of the netherworld 12" (iconoclast) RM62
UZALA - uzala 12" (at war with false noise) RM88
VICTIMIZER - resurrected abominations 12" (hell headbangers)    RM80
VICTIMS - …in blood 12" (havoc) RM60
VOETSEK - infernal command (tankcrimes) gold transparent vinyl RM65
VOIDD - victim of the violent vehicle 12" (heavy metal super star) RM288
VOIVOD - katorz 12" (night of the vinyl dead) RM95
VOORHEES - 13 12" (deep six records) RM45
WHEELJACK - self title 12" (stickfigure records) RM35
WITCHTRAP - no anesthesia 12" (hells headbangers)  RM80
WOLFBRIGADE - prey to the world 12" (unrest records) mixed green marble vinyl RM75
WORMBLOOD - mastery of creation demos 12" (barbarian records) RM70
YOUTH OF TODAY - break down the walls 12" (revelation) RM75
YOUTH OF TODAY - can't close my eyes 12" (revelation) RM75
YOUTH OF TODAY - we're not in this alone 12" (revelation) RM75
ALGOLAGNIE/ PORC BLEU - split 12" (maloka) RM35
ARMAGEDOM/ FORCA MACABRA - split 12" (six weeks records) RM50
BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA/ KARMA - split 12" (various labels) RM30
CAPITALIST CASUALTIES/ HELLNATION - split 12" (sound pollution/ six weeks) RM63
DEMOKHRATIA / MONDO GECKO split 12" (various label) RM65
DESPITE/ HELLBOUND - split 12" (civilisation records/ powerblast records/ tobacco shit records) RM35
DIVIDE + CONQUER/ ROBOTNICKA - split 12" (zorlac/ maloka/ traffic violation) RM45
DREG OF HUMANITY/ NIHILUST - split 12" (various labels) RM45
EMS/ NULA - split 12" (various labels) RM30
GASP/ SUFFERING LUNA - split 12" (deep six)  RM50
HATED YOUTH/ ROACH MOTEL - split 12" (burrito records) mixed black marble vinyl RM45
NIKMAT OLALIM/ OI POLLOI - split 12" (campary records) RM50
O. D. KIDS/ DE FATWA'S - split 12" (various label) RM40
PARANOIA KEEPS CRAWLING/ STAGNATIONS END - split 12" (civilisation records/ sabotage records) RM30
SILVERMUHURA/ UNDERTHREAT - split 12" (destroy records) cream transparent vinyl RM40
V/A -  NO HOLD BACK… ALL ATTACK !!! twin cities harcorepunkrock & roll compilation triple 12" (various label) with 1-2-go! crew, a-bomb nation, a summary execution, american monsters, any last words, big fuckin skull, black brick kiss, the bleeding hickeys, bodies lay broken, calloused, coffin cheaters, creeping charlie, the crush, cut throat hoods, damage deposit, death truck, dillinger four, ed gein fan club, el punkeke & the aliens, enamor, the framed, freeze baby, the goochers, holding on, ignoranus, international robot, the laggards, martyr ad, menstrual tramps, miles ahead, misery, nehemiah, noxious, onward to mayhem, path of destruction, plate-o-shrimp, pontius pilate, provoked, red satyrs, red vendetta, rivethead, the scamps, scorned, season of fire, seconds before, songs of zarathustra, the soviettes, stillborn, the subversives, sweet jap, too pure to die, the unstuck, with dead hands rising, xdevastatorx.  RM75
V/A - 11 WAYS TO GET OUT compilation 12" (let's make our own records) with little mary big, stonefree, something happening, vietzpaddeh, antic hay, toilet area, knolcyperus, passionate hartless, oxo, union morbide, de avonden. RM30
V/A - ABOUT LIFE... compilation 12" (react with protest records) with katemosh, the apoplexy twist orchestra, gang-o-lengo, cheerleaders of the apocalypse, june's tragic drive, louise cyphre, houses in texas, the kinetic crash cooperation, hatemate. RM55
V/A - AMNESIA compilation 12" (ebullition) with three studies for a crucifixion, silence equals, in humanity, scout, stephen hero, thumbnail, car vs driver, failure face, wellington, ipecac, lybernum, ordination of aaron. RM55
V/A - AXIOM/ CHURCH OF NIHIL/ AUTONOMIA - 3 way split 12" (catchphraze records/ gasmask) RM55
V/A - CHAOS IN MOROCCO compilation 12" (tian an men 89 records) with zwm, w.o.r.m., hoba hoba spirit, riot stones, the protesters RM80
V/A - CRITICAL PEDAGOGY : a compilation of teachers in punk bands 12" (six weeks records) with sid vishnu, abstain, destroy everything, mdc, countdown to putsch, powerball, leopold, the dread, reina aveja, seein' red, jilted, cluster bomb unit, john holmes, sausmigie rusiki, hers never existed, the dairy queens, counterpoise.  RM45
V/A - DISENFRANCHISED IN INDIA compilation 12" (tian an men 89) with tritha electric, jeepers creepers, blakhole, bull engine, da primitive future, I quit, the lightyears explode, tripwire, punk on toast, riot peddlers, 7 degrees, the scratch cards, messiah, outliners  RM80
V/A - DUSHAMBE PUNKERS AND ROCKERS underground tajikistan compilation 12" (tian an men 89 records) with zlo, kide & the jeans community, ragnarock, ieroglif, zapadny kvartal, noch', khorog rock band, zvukovaya artyel', trush-oba RM65
V/A - PAXTA-CORE underground uzbekistan compilation 12" (tian an men 89 records) with tupratikon's, brogen bogen, slezy solntsa, bgmoltsy I grobovyerzhtsy, hardcore opa, red-aktsiya, skisserz, suchiy potrokh RM65
V/A - SCREAMS FROM BELGIUM compilation 12" (various labels) with les stroumphes alcooliques, the muggles, hirudo, honey honey. RM30
V/A - SIX WEEKS OMNIBUS VOL. 2 a japanese hardcore compilation 12" (six weeks records) with soul craft, gouka, civil rights, flame, exhale, s.c.u.m. RM65
V/A - THE SAVAGE BEAST OF THREE HEAD split 3 way 12" (torture records) with doraid, birth ritual, parasite  RM101
V/A - WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER over compilation 12" (various labels) with fallen graces, arden chapman, calloused, code 13, scorned, misery, sugue, pontiuspilate, feed the machine, dreadnaught, onward to mayhem. RM45
V/A - XXX SOME IDEADS ARE POISONOUS compilation double 12" (ebullition records) with monster x, via, well away, frail, policy of 3, trees without leaves, pogrom, groundwork, portraits of past, threadbare, shatter the myth, endeavor, none left standing. RM62
DEVASTATOR - the summoning 12" (necromancer) RM90
HOLY MOUNTAIN (THE) - here is no exit picture 12" (no idea) RM63
INFLAMES - black-ash inheritance shape picture disc demon mask (night of the vinyl dead)   RM145
SARCOFAGO - invoking the black vomit picture 12" (bootleg)  RM133
SEND MORE PARAMEDIC - the hallowed and the heathen picture 12" (in at the deep end records) RM65
VICTIMIZER - the final assault picture 12" (hell headbangers)  RM90
ATROPHY - socialized hate 12" - 1988 (roadracer records - usa pressing)  RM130
DARK ANGEL - leave scars 12" (under one flag under licence from combat records - france pressing)  RM120
DARKNESS - conclusion & revival 12" - with insert 1989 (gama international - west germany pressing) RM120
DEATH ANGEL - frolic through the park 12" (enigma records - EEC pressing)  RM120
EXCITER - unveiling the wicked 12" - with insert 1986 (music for nations - uk pressing)  RM80
EXODUS - fabulous disaster 12" - with insert 1988 (music for nations - france pressing)  RM125
LAAZ ROCKIT - no stranger to danger 12"- no insert 1985 (target entertainment group distributed by SPV in europe)   RM80
NUCLEAR ASSAULT - brain death 12" - no insert 1986 (under one flag issued under licence from combat records - england pressing)  RM100
NUCLEAR ASSAULT - the plague 12" - with insert 1987 (under one flag under licence from combat records - england pressing)  RM110
OVERKILL - taking over 12" - with insert 1987 (promotional copy - megaforce records, inc / atlantic recording corporation - german pressing)  RM90
PROTECTOR - urm the mad 12" - with insert 1989 (atom h records a division of major int.) RM155
TANKARD - chemical invasion 12" - with insert 1987(noise international a division of modern music - EEC pressing)       RM130
VENDETTA - brain damage 12" - with insert 1988 (Noise International Inc - usa pressing) RM145
VENDETTA - go and live... stay and die 12" - with insert 1987 (combat a division of relativity records inc - license from noise international - usa pressing)   RM145

5" & 6 " & 7" DISTRO LIST


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DEAD CHURCH/ SUFFERING MIND - split 5" (7 degrees records) RM29
OHUZARU - thrash is business 5" (heroine records/ sly actions/ wee wee records) RM25
DAVID CARRADINE/ UNHOLY GRAVE - split 6" (various label) RM34
24 REASONS - why they're starving, while other gain billions demo '96 7" (basement records) normal version RM20
24 REASONS - why they're starving, while other gain billions demo '96 7" (basement records) RSD version RM25
24 REASONS - why they're starving, while other gain billions demo '96 7" (basement records) test pressing version RM60
ABOLITION A.D. - pain 7" (vandalisma records)  black vinyl RM30 
ABOLITION A.D. - pain 7" (vandalisma records) red transparent vinyl RM32 
ALICE - self title 7" (lawless jakarta records) RM62
ANALDICKTION/ PROLETAR - split 7" (various label) RM20
ANTS (THE)/ GHOST RIDER - anthology of myanmar punk rock vol 1 split 7" (tian an men) RM26
APPARATUS - degeneration overdrive! 7" (desorden) RM27
APPARATUS - lost 7" (shogun records) RM23
APPARATUS/ VAULT - split 7" (basement records) big hole centre label RM60
APPARATUS/ VAULT - split 7" (basement records) test press RM60
BANGSAT/ DEHUMANIZED EARTH - split 7" (rotten to the core records) RM17
BANGSAT/ EXOGORTH - split 7" (various label) RM20
BANGSAT/ EXOGORTH - split 7" (various label) red transparent vinyl RM20
BESTIAL HORDES/ SABBAT - split 7" (apocalyptic empire records) RM28
BESTIAL HORDES/ SABBAT - split 7" (apocalyptic empire records) limited color vinyl RM50
BILEPUSCESS/ ANATOMIA - split 7" (slap bet records) RM23
BIOFEEDBACK - karamihan ng tao ay pu 7" (mutilated noise) RM18
CARBURETOR DUNG - sheep farming in malaysia 7" (hideous records) RM25
COMPULSION TO KILL/ GRINCHFINGER - split 7" (various label)  RM28
COMPULSION TO KILL/ GRUNT - split 7" (various label) RM25
D.E.A.D. - frankenstein bride 7" (slapbet records) RM25
GHAUST - Untitled (single) - postcard flexi vinyl with hard cover photobook  RM70
GHAUST/ KELELAWAR MALAM - split 7" (various label) brown vinyl RM23
HOLIDAY SUCKERS/ AGATHOCLES - split 7" (various label) RM24
HOLIDAY SUCKERS/ AGATHOCLES - split 7" (various label) blue vinyls RM25
HOLIDAY SUCKERS/ AGATHOCLES - split 7" (various label) red vinyls RM25
HUMAN MASTICATION - persecte to bloodbath 7" (addiction to war records) RM29
HUMILIATION/ DECREPITAPH - split 7" (dybbuk records/ eldritch lunar miasma records) RM34 
HUMILIATION/ WARMASTER - split 7" (dead beat media/ slaughterhouse records) RM28
I AM DAVID SPARKLE - nosferatu makes me nervous 7" (kitty wu records) RM29
IMPIETY - goatfather 6" lathe cut (basement records) no boxset, no t-shirt,etc RM150
IMPIETY - goatfather 6" lathe cut (basement records) no silkscreen centre label, no cover, no boxset,etc RM150
IMPIETY/ SARCOFAGO - split 7" (bootleg) RM105
INFERNAL EXECRATOR - conglomeration goatcult profanextermination 7" (apocalyptic empire records)  RM26
INFERNAL EXECRATOR - conglomeration goatcult profanextermination 7" (apocalyptic empire records) color vinyl  RM28
INJAK MATI/ BLACK SISTER - split 7" (various label) RM24
INQUIRY LAST SCENERY/ EL EJE DEL MAL - split 7" (various label) RM25
ISTUKAS OVER DISNEYLAND/ ESKAPO - split 7" (darbouka records) RM17
ISTUKAS OVER DISNEYLAND/ RAB - split 7" (various label) RM28
JEFFREY DAHMER/ ARCHAGATHUS - split 7" (various label)  RM31
KERAS KEPALA/ DIE WRECKED - split 7" (various label)  RM24
KESUMAT/ THRASHOHOOII - split 7" (basement records version) RM13
KESUMAT/ THRASHOHOOII - split 7" (pissart records version) RM16
KESUMAT/ THRASHOHOOII - split 7" test press RM40
MANTAK - 666 7" (gempita records/ morbid invasion) RM30
MANTAK - amput rogol & sodomi !!!! picture 7" (necromancer records) RM35
MAXIMUM THRASH/ AGATHOCLES - split 7" (various label) RM24
MAXIMUM THRASH/ ARCHAGATHUS - split 7" (various label) RM20
MAXIMUM THRASH/ GORGONIZED DORKS - split 7" (various label) RM25
MAXIMUM THRASH/ GORGONIZED DORKS - split 7" (various label) color vinyl RM27
MAXIMUM THRASH/ LT DAN - split 7" (incursion records) RM20
MAXIMUM THRASH/ LT DAN - split 7" (incursion records) color vinyl RM24
MINDLESS SHOW (THE)/ SMG - split 5" (pissart records) RM50
MONACO HEARTATTACK (THE) - self title 7" (apocaplexy records/ superfluous records) swirl mixed orange vinyl RM15
NO MAN'S LAND/ SURGERY WITHOUR RESEARCH split 7" (various label) RM22
OBSESIF KOMPULSIF/ SHAOLIN FINGER JABB - split 7" (various label) RM22
PEACE OR ANNIHILATION - demolition of raw sound assault skull fucking armageddon 7" (shogun records) RM22
PENAKLUK - api 7" (gempita records) RM32
PROCTALGIA/ TUMOUR - split 7" (various label) RM25
PROLETAR/ DIORRHEA - split 7" (basement records + various label) RM13
PROLETAR/ GREBER - split 7" (various label) RM19
ROTGUT/ SETE STAR SEPT - split 7" (dogma artistic guerrilla) RM20
SEMAKBELUKAR - self title 7" (elevation records) RM55
SERINGAI - tragedi/ sang lelaki 7" (stockroom recording) RM48
SERINGAI - tragedi/ sang lelaki 7" (stockroom recording) color vinyl RM50
SILENCE ENSHROUD - and the silence begins… square 8" lathe cut (gempita records) RM65
SMG/ DAISYCUTTER - split 7" (bullshit propaganda/ insurgency records) RM22
SMG/ LT DAN - split 7" (incursion records) RM23
SMG/ MICHAEL CRAFTER - split 7" (tenzenmen/ lesstalk records) RM30
SMG/ NECROCANNIBALISTIC VOMITORIUM - split 7" (horns & hoofs records) color vinyl RM24
SMG/ NUNSLAUGHTER - split 7" (violent resolution) orange vinyls RM45
SMG/ NUNSLAUGHTER - split 7" (violent resolution) red vinyls RM43
SMG/ REPULSIONE - split 7" (various label) RM22
SMG/ REPULSIONE - split 7" (various label) blue marble vinyl RM24
SMG/ REPULSIONE - split 7" (various label) yellow marble vinyl RM24
SMG/ SNUB NOSED MONKEY - split 3" dubplate (southsacitygrindfucks coalition) RM40
TAKE IT BACK/ SANTA CRUZ - split 7" (basement records + various labels) blue vinyl RM15
TAKE IT BACK/ SANTA CRUZ - split 7" (basement records + various labels) red vinyl RM17
TERLARANG/ JAGERNAUT - split 7" (suburban whitetrash records/ black trash records/ tenzenman/ screaming victims) RM19
TERLARANG/ OVER THE TOP - split 7" (various label) RM17
TERLARANG/ TERSANJUNG13 - split 7" (various label) black vinyls RM24
TERLARANG/ TERSANJUNG13 - split 7" (various label) green vinyls RM25
TERLARANG/ TERSANJUNG13 - split 7" (various label) pink vinyls RM26
TERLARANG/ TERSANJUNG13 - split 7" (various label) purple vinyls RM26
TERROR OF DYNAMITE ATTACK/ REPULSIONE - split 7" (various label) RM24
TERSANJUNG 13/ GODSTOMPER - split 7" (fat ass records) RM29
TERSANJUNG13/ EMBALMING THEATRE - split 7" (various label) color vinyl RM25
THORNS OF HATE - heretical dawn of apocalypse 7" (blood harvest) RM31
TORTURE INCIDENT/ DIE - split 7" (uwp/ sprout records) clear vinyl RM32
UTARID - de(ad)mo 7" (framecode records) various color vinyl RM31
V/A - 100 BANDS volume one compilation 7" (nhdiyst records) color vinyl with low fat, opposition party, to die, alchemy of sickness, torture incident, extreme decay, alboruto and other 93 bands RM21
V/A - 100 BANDS volume one compilation 7" (nhdiyst records) glow in the dark vinyl with low fat, opposition party, to die, alchemy of sickness, torture incident, extreme decay, alboruto and other 93 bands RM21
V/A - PECHAH compilation 7" + shock & awe zine #5 with sarjan hassan, pusher, the garrison, crimescene RM35
V/A - ROCKY VS RAMBO compilation 7" (various label) with weot skam, hateful monday, everybody's enemy, snakepit RM18
VAARALLINEN/ LAST CHAOS - split 7" (havoc/ nuclear blood) RM25
WICKED SUFFER - nihilist 7" (sonic funeral)  RM55
ZUDAS KRUST - dogs of the doomland 7" (various label) RM26
ALL THESE WHILES/ NUNSLAUGHTER - split 7" (basement records) RM25
ABORTED (THE) - mushroom sunset 7" (puke n vomit records) RM14
ACTIVE INGREDIANTS - self title 7" (beer city skateboards/records) RM14
ACTIVE INGREDIANTS - the curse of madame c 7" (beer city skateboards/records) RM14
AGATHOCLES - if this is cruel what's vivisection then? 7" (selfmadegod records)  RM33
AGENT ZERO - frontline britain 7" (weird records) RM14
ALTER-EGO - world gone mad 7" (beer city skateboards/records) RM14
AMYGDAL - self title 7" (flower violence) RM14
ANFO - la sangre de latinoamerica lucha y resiste 7" (effrenata licentiae/ various labels) color vinyl RM13
ANY LAST WORDS - self title 7" (havoc records) RM14
ARKHA SVA - skotomata 7" (turanian honour)  RM29
ARRESTUM - ihmistieteet 7" (parta records) RM18
ASININE SOLUTION - my dad's a goat! 7" (beer city skateboards/records) RM14
AT WAR WITH SHADOWS - healing is not an option 7" (hater of god) RM14
ATESTABASSA - clone o.m.g. 7" (rumble fish corporation and various labels)  RM8
ATTACK SS - no nikes 7" (distort reality) RM25
AUTOMATON - self title 7" (hater of god records) RM14
AVFALL - dish it out 7" (hardcore survives) RM21
AVFALL - now! 7" (hardcore survives) RM21
B-ABUSE - dennoch uberspringe ich zeiten. 7" RM13
BASTARD SONS OF APOCALYPSE - self title 7" (distort reality) RM24
BG - the and that's what i'm here to do 7" (rabid dog records/ garvilicious) RM14
BOOT DOWN THE DOOR - amigos 7" (spock productions) RM14
BRINE - learning process 7" (amendment records/ criminal) RM14
BROTHER INFERIOR - six more reasons… 7" (sensual underground ministries) RM25
BROTTSKOD 11 - self title 7" (phobia records) RM28
BUG CENTRAL - money and riots 7" (arson records) RM14
BUITEN GEBRUIK - self title 7" (darcy trash records) RM15
BULLET PROOF - self title 7" (beer city skateboards/records)  RM14
BURNT CROSS - protest punk 7" (various label) RM22
CAPITAL DEATH - self title 7" RM13
CAPT'N MY CAPT'N - crosscheck 7" (darken records/ goodtimes records/ pummerl distorted) RM23
CASTEVET - stones/salts 7" (paragon records) clear vinyl RM24
CHARLIE DON'T SURF - six songs to die for… 7" (funtime/ filth-ear/ hageland strikes back) RM19
CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY - mayhemic speed anarchy 7" (hells headbangers) RM55
CHORNAYA RADUGA (transnistria) - all of us will fly… 7" (tian an men 89 records) RM28
CITIZENS PATROL - dead children 7" (no way records/ crucial attack records) RM17
COLLAPSE (THE) - self title 7" (endless blockades) RM14
COMMON INTEREST - as we decay 7" (room 101 records/ youth crust) RM14
CONFUSIONE - 2nd self title ep 7" (confusione records) RM14
CONFUSIONE - incendio nel duomo 13/4/'97 7" (confusione records) RM8
CONSTRICTED - all confusion 7" (destroy) color vinyl RM19
CROSS DIVISION - self title 7" (various label) RM23
CROSSCURRENT - self title 7" (old world records) RM14
CUL DE SAC - self title 7" (malarie records) RM14
CZOLGOSZ - saipan 7" (rodent popsicle records)  RM14
CZOLGOSZ - self title 7" (rodent popsicle records)  RM14
DARIUS AXIS - self title 7" (dead tank records) RM14
DEAD DRUNK - american apathy 7" (beer city skateboards/records) RM14
DEAD RED SEA - self title (ignition records) color vinyl RM14
DEATH MILITIA - noise agony mayhem 7" (no list records) RM39
DEATH MILITIA - noise agony mayhem 7" (no list records) green vinyl RM44
DEATH MILITIA - noise agony mayhem 7" (no list records) white marble vinyl RM44
DELIKUIUM - liberta'a randello supremazia bastarda 7"  RM14
DESPITE - the last breath of dying race 7" (skit records) RM14
DISPENSE - nothing but the truth 7" (finn records/ rodel records) RM23
DISSYSTEMA - self title 7" (despotic records)  RM14
DISSYSTEMA - self title 7" (despotic records) color vinyl  RM19
DISTURD - inside 7" (hardcore survives) RM21
DIVIDE AND CONQUER - the need to amputate 7"  RM14
DL50 - hardcore desde el tercer mundo 7" (darbouka records)  RM27
DRAFT DODGER - guantanamo bay holiday 7" (endless blockades) RM14
DROP FORGE - the largest tool known to man… 7" (beer city skateboards/records) RM14
DRUID LORD - baron blood 7" (doomentia records) RM30
DRUNKEN MISHAP - self title 7" (beer city skateboards/records) RM14
DSB - wait tremblingly!!! 7" (partners in crime) RM17
E.A.T.E.R. - abort the system 7" (hardcore survives) RM21
E.A.T.E.R. - doomsday troops 7" (hardcore survives) RM21
ELEKIDZ - self title 7" (hg fact) RM18
EQUITY - self title 7" (at a los records) RM14
ESCATOFAGIA - man wolf of the man 7" (view beyond records) RM29
FATE - circus is funny not for animals! 7" RM14
FINAL YOUTH - blade and armor 7" (bronze fist records) RM15
FIRE DOWN BELOW - g 7"(ed walters records) RM14
GANGWAY, MAN! - self title 7" (rumble fish corporation and various labels) RM8
GAS - sargasm 7" (darcy trash records) + CD RM15
GASOLENE - self extinction 7" (last stand records) RM14
GHOST TOWNS - self title 7" (communique records) one sided/ silk screen other side/ color vinyl  RM24
GLUE - from here to obscurity 7" (feeble records) RM14
GUERRERA - guerrera of metal 7" (anger of metal records)  RM23
HABLAN POR LA ESPALDA - musica para los sanos y no tan sanos 7" (sniffing recording industries) color vinyl RM14
HAVITTAJAT - self title 7" (hardcore victims) RM27
HEAD CLEANER - days of wrath 7" (screaming victims) RM26
HEARTLINE - self title 7" (malarie records) RM14
HEAVY BALLS AND THE FLIP-OFFS - self title 7" (beer city skateboards/records) RM14
HELVINS - self title 7" (weird records) RM14
HERETICAL RESPONSE - envision 7" (goat lord records) RM14
HIBERNATION - loneliness 7" (power it up) RM13
HIP COPS - self title 7" (bullshit propaganda) RM19
HITTEN - evil power 7" (anger of metal records) RM23
HORSHACKS (THE) - jeremy is drunk! 7" (beer city skateboards/records) RM14
HOSENFEFER (kosovo) - knife in my back 7" (tian an men 89 records)  RM22
HUMAN SIDE - fragments of pain 7" (step a head records) RM14
HUMPY - self title 7" (beer city skateboards/records) RM14
I FOUND GOD - junkie sex monkey 7" (deep six records) RM14
IN NOMINE CHRISTI - self title 7" (bucho discos/ dekadent records) RM14
INCROWD - helmet/ cargo 7" (gvn records) RM14
INEBRIOUS BASTARD - escape from misery 7" (crust almighty) RM20
INFEST - days turn back 7" (draw blank records) RM64
INOKENTIJS MARPLS - bitit"matos 7" (ezis sper soli records) RM8
INSANIA - caught red-handed 7" (various labels) color vinyl RM19
INSTANT AGONY - think of england 7" (weird records) RM14
JABARA. - tospang 7" (hardcore survives) RM21
JAMES RIVER SCRATCH - self title 7" (beer city skateboards/records) RM14
JERKOFFS (THE) - self title 7" (beer city skateboards/records) RM14
JILTED - folla omicida 7" (angry records) RM14
JUSTIFIED ANGER - gas hikes 7" (puke n vomit records) RM14
KAIVOSURMA - saatanan lampaat 7" (slode headquaters) RM14
KAKISTOCRACY - and so you spill your children's blood …… 7" (arson records/ ponk 111 records/ a/f u/e ) RM14
KARG - self title 7" (red rag records) RM14
KAROSHI - self title 7" (meat cube label/ anti corporate music inc) RM19 
KILL CITY BUTCHERS - music for children of all ages 7" (beer city skateboards/records) RM14
KOBAYASHI - self title 7" (invertebrata) RM14
KONTORTION - breed into nothing 7" (room 101 records) RM8
KONTORTION - self title 7" (deadalive records) RM14
KROSKA - self title 7" (various label) RM22
KRZYCZ - novum 7" (malarie records) RM14
LA CASA FONTOM - leter i morket 7" (self released)  RM14
LAST MILE (THE) - designed to compensate the lack of intrinsic motivation 7" (UPSrecords/ opiate/ de graanrepubliek) RM14
LEGION OF DOOM - self title 7" (crime against humanity records) RM13
LES KAMIONERS DU SUICIDE - bonne soirée 7" (various label)  RM22
LIFE ALIVE - the winning hand 7" (bronze fist records) RM15
LIFE CRISIS - churchstate 7" (deep six records) color vinyl RM19
LIGHTBULB - self title 7" (last stand records) RM14
LITTLE BY LITTLE - self title 7" (primary thoughts) RM14
LOCAL SPASTICS (THE) - the daily routine 7" (darcy trash records) RM15
LOUTISH - civilization 7" (midnight sea records) RM19
MAHALIUM - du ar sald 7" (falafel media) RM8
MAHKATO - fighting the urge to start fires 7" (init records) RM14
MARTIN - the worst part 7" (de nada records/ square of opposition records)  RM25
MAZHOTT (syria) - self title 7" (tian an men 89 records)   RM28
MDK - the moonmaiden flexi 7" (resurrection records) color flexi RM21
MEDIA BLITZ - punk aint dead! 7" (beer city skateboards/records) RM14
MIDVALE - first aid for airmen 7" (ed walters records)  RM14
MIHOEN - self title 7" (trabuc records) RM14
MISANTHROPIC - open up and take your bullet 7" (catchphraze records) RM13
MORKT KAPITTEL - self title 7" (various label) RM18
MOXA - self title 7" (coalition approved/ amendment records) RM14
MUZZIES (THE) - enter… 7" (beer city skateboards/records) RM14
NAHENDE VERNICHTUNG - vertigo 7" (filth-ear distr.)  RM8
NEON MANIACS - rip em up 7" (puke n vomit records) RM14
NIHILIST CUNT - you're next… 7" (suburban whitetrash records) color vinyl RM19
NK6 - yellow beauty 7" (thrashbastard/ yellow dog) RM24
NO COMMENT - common senseless 7" (deep six records) RM24
NO COMMENT - downsided 7" (deep six records) RM24
NOISE COMPLAINT - fuck off and thrash 7" (various label) RM19
NOVI CVETYA - self title 7" (various label) RM27
OFFENSIVE - human machine 7" (falafel media/ frr records) RM14
OHEISVASARA - vasaranmerkki 7" (prejudice production) color vinyl RM14
OHUZARU - self title 7" (sly actions) RM14
OUTRAGE - to terrorize ear and mind 7" (day one records) clear vinyl RM19
PACERS (THE) - the hasenpfeffer 7" (beer city skateboards/records) RM14
PASSENGER TRAIN PROPOSAL - sailboats 7" (ed walters records) RM14
PATH OF DESTRUCTION - 1.00 am 7" (havoc records) RM19
PEROXIDE - can you hear the peace 7" (distort reality)  RM25
POKERS (THE) - ignite - hey punk, something I can do for you? 7" (weird records) RM14
PROJECT HOPELESS - self title 7" (not enough records) RM14
QUICKNOIZE - agorafobia 7" (self released) RM14
RATIONS - martyrs and prisoners 7" (various label)   RM25
RAVENS CREED - self title picture 7" (doomentia records) RM34
RAW DISTRACTIONS - raw fight 7" (hardcore survives) RM21
RAWHIDE - branded for life 7" (patac records) color vinyl RM24
RAWHIDE - built to blow 7" (hellrocker records) RM33
RAWNESS - self title 7" (maloka) RM14
RAZORWIRE - man the guns 7" (rodent popsicle records) RM14
REDNECKS - keepsake 7" (hardcore survives) RM21
REFRAME THE CONCEPT - self title 7" (windmill records) RM14
REMISSION - absolute power 7" (profane existence/ sysdumb records/ crimes against humanity records/ bacon towne records) color vinyl RM24
REPROACH - is what it is 7" (deep six records) RM19
REPUKED - nunc est bibendum 7" (slap bet records) RM25
RICKETS (THE) - i can't find my beer 7" (beer city skateboards/records)  RM14
ROB JOBS (THE) - lucas/ outrigger junkie 7" (beer city skateboards/records) RM14
ROB JOBS (THE) - self title 7" (beer city skateboards/records) RM14
RONG'UNS (THE) - social control 7" (weird records) RM14
ROY AND THE DEVIL'S MOTORCYCLE - not enough madness 7" (subway star) RM14
RUIDO - slef title 7" (power it up) RM14
SABOTEUR - a never ending bore 7" (haunted hotel) RM24
SACRED ORDER - the paranoids 7" (beer city skateboards/records) RM14
SAFE INSIDE - self title 7" (black matter records) clear vinyl RM14
SANGRE DELOS PUERCOS - they lie, we die 7" (cries of pain records) RM14
SANHEDRIN - answer the call 7" (elkfuck productions) RM24
SATANIKA - inquisitor 7" (empire records) silver vinyl RM30
SCHLEIM KEIM - schwarz rot gold - nie gewollt 7" (hohnie records/ nasty vinyl) RM14
SENDER RECEIVER - plague notes 7" (mannequin rein) RM25
SEPTIC TANK - self title 7" (mcr company) RM28
SEUCHENHERD - self title - 2nd edition 7" (civilisation records) RM14
SHALL NOT KILL - self title 7" (213 records) RM14
SI DOU LE - a dream in our hearts 7" (depraved and devilish records) RM14
SICKNESS - just shit 7" (chaotic noise records) RM8
SKIZMATICS (THE) - no heroes 7" (beer city skateboards/records) RM14
SLEEPING AT THE POPES - up the fuckin' popes 7" (broederkont records/ starving times records) RM14
SMOL - I couldn't care less ….. 7" (reiterate) RM14
SNAKE HEAD FISH - self title 7" (incursion records) RM18
SNAPCASE - steps (victory records) RM25
SOMETHING HAPPENING - q 7" (let's make our own records) RM14
SOTATILA - vituiks meni 7" (havoc records) RM18
SOUL COMPOST - self title 7" (nonsense recordings) RM20
SOUND OF RUBY (saudi arabia) - from under the sands of the desert 7" (tian an men 89 records)    RM29
SPINNING HEADS - nothing is gained is lost everything changes………. 7" (radar swarm records) RM14
STEVE MCQUEENS (THE) - self title 7" (wrench records)  RM14
STOP BREATHING - self title 7" (rotten to the core records) RM19
STRANGE FACTORY - fukushima nightmare 7" RM21
STRONG INTENTION - razorblade express 7" (patac records) color vinyl RM24
STRUNG UP - warfucked 7" (tank crimes) RM19
STUFF LIKE THAT - self title 7" (emergence records) RM14
SUBJUGATED - up the punx ! 7" (beer city skateboards/records) RM14
SUBMERGE - in gold we crush 7" (shogun records) RM14
SUICIDE PARTY - you're all invited 7" (deadalive) RM14
SWANK - self title 7" (beer city skateboards/records) RM14
SWEETY PUNK (madagascar) - soa ity painky 7" (tian an men 89 records)  RM21
TANK 18 - hog 7" (beer city skateboards/records) RM14
TEAR ME DOWN - III 7" (angry records) RM14
THINK AGAIN - insane humanity 7" (hardcore survives) RM21
THUMBS UP! - building an army 7" (rodent popsicle records) RM14
TIERRA DE NADIE - sordos a la tierra 7" (mundo en kaos records) RM14
TO BE HATED - banned in dade country 7" (suburban white trash records) RM19
TOMMY AND THE TERRORS - outbound 7" (rodent popsicle records) RM14
TRAUMA ACUSTICO - one more beautiful banket for the worms 7" (bucho discos) RM14
TRUNCHEONS - self title 7" (distort reality) RM25
TUDOR - 1558 7" (view beyond records) RM34
UNABOMBERS - stand for something fall for nothing 7" (piledriver records/ amendment records) RM14
UNDERTAKERS - alive rumble in brutality 7" (cnoize records) RM14
UNION MORBIDE - 015 7" (let's make our own records) RM14
URBAN BLIGHT - magnitogorsk 7" (react records) RM8
URINE SPECIMEN - raw 7" (catchphraze records) RM14
VALLIUM - flagello 7" (step ahead records/ small town guy records/ asylum) RM8
VALSE TRISTE - self title 7" (mcr company) RM24
VANING 5 - self title 7" (falafel media) RM14
VENDETTA - fight 7" (hardcore survives) RM21
VERNON WALTERS (THE) - love live 7" (let's make our own records) RM14
VISIO - 30.07.1992 7"  RM18
WAREHOUSE VALUE - fucked up on lo fi 7"  RM30
WARSQUAD - self title 7" (punx before profits) RM14
WEESHIRT - turtle 7" (darbouka records)  RM27
WOODS OF INFINITY - snart 7" (turanian honour)  RM29
YAWP! - paranoia querulans 7" (darcy trash records/ misspelled youth records)   RM15
YOUNG AND PISS OFF (youth against political oppression) - self title 7" (beer city skateboards/records) RM14
ZATSUON - violent noiz life 7" (distort reality) RM25
ZETU - ninja attack 7" (hardcore survives) RM21
ZYANOSE - isolation 7"  (distort reality) RM25
ABIGAIL/ NUNSLAUGHTER - split 7" (turanian honour) RM33
ACTIVE MINDS/ JESUS CROST - split 7" (filth-ear distro) color vinyl RM13
AGAINST EMPIRE/ AUKTION - split 7" (threat to existence/ rust and machine/ sysdumb records) RM19
AGENT STEEL/ REDSTORM - split 7" (wilcza pizda records) RM44
AK47/ RACAK - split 7" (schandmaul records) RM8
ALARMA SOCIAL/ FREAK SHOW - split 7" (fragment music) RM19
ANTHRAX/ BURNT CROSS - split 7" (various label) RM22
APARTMENT 213/ NOTHING IS OVER - split 7" (give praise records/ sit & spin records) RM28
ARMED WITH INTELLIGENCE/ YOUNG ONES (THE) - split 7" (art of the underground/ punks before profits) color vinyl RM14
AUTHORITY ABUSE/ KAKISTOCRACY - split 7" (anthem for doomed youth records) RM8
AWAKENING/ VIRGINIA BLACK LUNG - split 7" (ed walters records) RM14
BEIRUT SCUM SOCIETY/ DETOX (lebanon) - revolution is the fashion split 7" (tian an men 89 records)  RM28
BILSKIRNIR/ MARBLEBOG - split 7" (turanian honour) RM28
BLACK PANDA/ HOLOCAUST IN YOUR HEAD - split 7" (rust and machine records) color vinyl RM24
BLINDSPOT/ MUGGLES - split 7" (tvg) RM14
BLOCKHEADS/ NOSTROMO - split 7" (shogun records) RM14
BOILS (THE)/ BRIGATE ROZZE - fight for your class, not for your country ! split 7" (mad butcher records) RM14
BORN DEAD/ PELIGRO SOCIAL -split 7" (alerta antifascista) color vinyl RM19
BREATHILIZOR/ MINCH - split 7" (my cheap ass life) color vinyl RM24
BRISTLES (THE)/ WORKIN' STIFFS (THE) - split 7" (beer city skateboards/records) RM14
BRODY'S MILITIA/ GHOUL - split 7" (rescued from life records) RM30
BUNCH (THE)/ MENY HELLKIN - split 7" (various label) RM19
BURNING LEATHER/ G.A.T.E.S - split 7" (hg facts) RM54
CALL ME BETTY/ WEREWOLVES - split 7" (bear records/ yehonala records) RM19
CHUPACABRA/ MORAL HAZARD - split 7" (wage slave records/ catchphraze records/ gasmask records) RM14
COCHE BOMBA/ RESTOS DE TRAGEDIA - split 7" (darbouka records) RM27
COLD WAR/ VOETSEK - split 7" (deep six records) color vinyl RM19
COMPLETE/ ISCARIOTE - split 7" (shogun records/ heroine records) RM14
CONTRADICT/ THEE OUTCASTS - potential for something more split 7"(sound of revolution records) RM14
CONTRASTO/ SIN DIOS - split 7" (agipunk) RM19
CORNUCOPIA/ DRUNKARD - split 7" (tasmanian alcoholic) RM24
CORRUPT BASTARDS/ WATER TORTURE - split 7" (mannequin rein)  RM23
CRIPPLED FOX/ LEI DO CAO - split 7" (various label) RM19
CROSSFACE/ SCHNAUZER - split 7" (shifty records/ rescued from life records) RM24
CROSSFACE/ SCHNAUZER - split 7" (shifty records/ rescued from life records) color vinyl RM24
CRUDE B.E./ GHL - split 7" (tvg records) RM19
DAMAGE DONE (THE)/ DAY OF THE DEAD - split 7" (goodwill records) RM14
DANGLERS (THE)/ DIED IN HIS SUIT - split 7" (primary thoughts) RM14
DEAD CHURCH/ FACTION DISASTER - split 7" (mannequin rein) brown vinyl   RM25
DEAD CHURCH/ FACTION DISASTER - split 7" (mannequin rein) pink vinyl   RM25
DEAD CHURCH/ FACTION DISASTER - split 7" (mannequin rein) purple vinyl  RM25
DEAD FOR A MINUTE/ SUBMERGE - split 7" (abstr.act records) RM14
DEADTHIRTEEN/ DOWNFOUNDATION - split 7" (slave union) clear vinyl RM8
DEADTHIRTEEN/ DOWNFOUNDATION - split 7" (slave union) color vinyl RM8
DEL CIELO/ KILL THE MAN WHO QUESTION - split 7" (ed walters records) RM14
DEL CIELO/ SIN DESIRES MARIE - split 7" (ed walter records) RM14
DFI/ UNLOGISTIC - split 7" (various label) RM19
DIRTY POWER GAME/ DISARM - split 7" (tetanus/ zas autoproduzioni) RM8
DISENCHANTED (THE)/ STRIPED BASTARDS (THE) - split 7" (traffic violation records) RM14
DISPEPSIAA/ VOLENT GORGE - split 7" (bullshit propaganda) RM19 
DISSECT/ LOS REZIOS - split 7" (various labels) RM14
DONA MALDAD/ LOS DOLARES - split 7" (various labels) RM14
DORKS! (THE)/ TU PACKS (THE) - split 7" (shoegazer records)  RM14
DxIxE / SACRIFICE - split 7" (awesome moshpower records)   RM23
EARLY MAN/ RAMMER - speed and spikes vol III split 7" (relapse records) RM27
EAT THE LIVING/ FETUS EATERS - split 7" (vomitcore music) RM14
ELEVATE/ PEDESTRIAN CROSSING - split 7" (emergence records/ procapitalist records/ bleu records) RM8
ERAZOR/ PROTECTOR - split 7" (evil spell records) RM35
EVOLUCION PERDIDA/ SARCASMO - split 7" (various label)  RM27
EXTREME SMOKE 57/ H-INCIDENT - split 7" (various label) RM20
FETUS EATERS/ MAGGOT COLONY - split 7" (agromosh records) RM19
FORWARD/ TEARGAS - split 7" (hardcore victim) RM27
FUCKED UP/ HAYMAKER - split 7" (deep six records) clear vinyl RM19
GERM BOMB/ WHIPSTRIKER - split 7" (hellrocker records) RM35
GLOBAL HOLOCAUST/ OBNOXIOUS RAGE - economicly correct split 7" (tobacco shit records) RM24
GRAVEYARD/ ULCER - split 7" (selfmadegod) RM29
GREAT CLEARING OFF/ SOUND OF FAILURE (THE) - split 7" (ed walters/ sea of steel) RM14
GRIDE/ THEMA ELEVEN - split 7" (insane society) RM34
HARD TO SWALLOW/ MANFAT - split 7" (flat earth records/ enslaved records) RM14
HARVEST MOON SOCIETY/ PANGEA - split 7" (stress domain records) color vinyl RM14
HAWG JAW/ MANCHURIAN CANDIDATES - split 7" (deep six records) RM14
HE WHO CORRUPT/ TUSK - split 7" RM14
HEARTSIDE/ RIGHT IN SIGHT - split 7" (shove records) RM14
HIGHTENSION/ WARVICTIMS - split 7" (vinyl eaters records) RM24
HOMOCONSUMENS/ VVB - split 7" (self released) RM14
HORROR (THE)/ WAR ALL THE TIME - split 7" (zandor) RM13
I.WITNESS/ SLAPENDEHONDEN - split 7" (various label) RM19
I.WITNESS/ SLAPENDEHONDEN - split 7" (various label) color vinyl RM19
IMPERYA SNEGOV/ REVOLVER - split 7" (tian an men 89 records)  RM27
IRON BUTTER/ ROT - split 7" (haunted hotel records) RM24
IRON CURTAIN/ SPEEDBREAKER - split 7" (anger of metal records) RM23
JUSTIFIED ANGER/ ABORTED (THE) - split 7" (puke n vomit records) RM14
KARMA PAYMENT PLAN (THE)/ TRIAC - split 7" (chaotic noise records) RM8
KARRAS/ SUBMERGE - split 7" (shogun records) RM14
KONFRONTATION/ SLICKS - high flting plans split 7" (not enough records) RM14
LAST REMAINING PINNACLE/ PERVATRONS (THE) - split 7" (amendment records) RM14
LOCAL OAFS (THE)/ MANIKINS (THE) - the brutal rape of kaj sivervik split 7" (cage macth recordings) orange cover RM14
LOCAL OAFS (THE)/ MANIKINS (THE) - the brutal rape of kaj sivervik split 7" (cage macth recordings) white cover RM13
M.F.R./ ONE WAY - split 7" (standfast records) RM14
MADRE COCA/ SETE STAR SEPT - split 7" (bog)  RM25
MEXICAN POWER AUTHORITY/ MIKRO VIVAGE - split 7" (malarie records) RM14
MINCH/ SLOTH - split 7" (agromosh records/ my cheap ass life) RM24
MONARCS / OSCEOLA - split 7" (escucha! records/ blessed hands records/ get stoked records) RM19
MR. MURRUNGIO/ UN QUARTO MORTO - split 7" (various label) RM19
MURDOCK/ SUTEK CONSPIRACY - split 7" (ed walters records) RM14
NO GRACE/ WAITING FOR BETTER DAYS - split 7" (nihilove recordings/ walked in line records) color  vinyl RM14
NOCTURNAL/ PAGAN RITES - split 7" (hells headbangers) RM34
NOT/ SHEEVA YOGA -split 7" (hyenyzm records) RM14
NOTHING MORE/ SOUP TOXIC - split 7" (walked in line records) color vinyl RM14
OPERATION EAT SHIT/ YOUSSOUF TODAY - split 7" (emergence records/ wee wee/ noise til death records) RM14
OVERKILL FOR PROFIT / EDEM (azerbaijan) - split 7" (tian an men 89 records)    RM25
PROPAGANDHI/ SACRIFICE - split 7" (war on music) RM51
RAGGITY ANNE/ SCREAMING WILLIES - split 7" (weird records) RM14
SABBAT/ GUERRA TOTAL - split 7" (empire records) green vinyl RM30
SABBAT/ GUERRA TOTAL - split 7" (empire records) red vinyl RM30
SHALL NOT KILL/ STRONG AS TEN - split 7" (213 records) RM14
SOTATILA/ THINK AGAIN - split 7" (hardcore survives) RM21
SUBMERGE/ SUPERSTATIC REVOLUTION - split 7" (shogun records) RM14
SUFFERING MIND/ WATER TORTURE - split 7" flexi (mannequin rein) RM23
SWARMING/ ZOMBIE RITUAL - split 7" (doomentia records) RM30
SWING BY SEVEN/ TORA! TORA! TORRANCE! - split 7" (init records) RM14
THE KILL/ THE COMMUNION - split 7" (fat ass records) RM27
THEY FEAR THE RECLAIM/ TOTALT JAVLA MORKER - split 7" (arson records/ halvfabrikat records) RM14
UGUAGLIANZA/ ULTIMA RIPRESA - split 7" (various label)  RM22
SAD BOYS/RAW DISTRACTIONS/STAGNATION - 3way split 7" (hardcore survives) RM21
V/A - BE MINE compilation 7" - cover song of pet shop boys, pat benetar,modern english - by fitty bones/psycho 78/ project ao8 (amendment records) RM14
V/A - COMPLETE AURAL TURMOIL - split 3 way 7" (hardcore survives) with mauser, d-clone, folkeiis  RM21
V/A - IST DA WER ? compilation 7" (hammerwerk) with kawasaki, kobayashi, konstrukt, programm c, prohaska. RM14
V/A - MENNESKELIG STENCH - volum to compilation 7" - conga fury/insane youth a.d/viimeinen kolonna (human stench) RM13
V/A - NEDERTRASH IN OPKOMST compiltaion 7" (ups records) with mihoen, no men, cockroach, betercore, tuco ramirez, saf, seein' red. RM14
V/A - NO SPEED LIMIT volume one compilation 7" (civilisation records) with gomorrha, amen 81, seuchenherd, irritate, hapto. RM19
V/A - OUTBREAK OF EVIL volume III 4 way split 7" (nuclear war now productions) with evil angel, gravewurm, nailgunner, grippiud RM34
V/A - RESISTANCE IS FUTILE - assimilate compilation 7" (invertebrata) with konstrukt, grievance, no comply, stalingrad. RM14
V/A - SICK OF FUN HARDCORE compilation 7" (stress domain records) swirl light green marble vinyl  with rhythm syndrom, critical picnic, coke bust, no thanks, born bad, socialcide, ribzy, ecoli, valoids, reprobates, broken needle, shanghai surprise, fratboys, warboy, doghart trio. RM14
V/A - SPEED PUNK METAL CRUST 4 way split 7" (agipunk/ terror from hell) color vinyl with children of technology, nuclear frost, armagedom, minkions RM34
V/A - TO HELL WITH… CLEVELAND volume 1 compilation 7" (hells headbangers) with decrepit, nunslaughter, dana sixty and the pistol grips, doktor bitch. RM29
V/A - ZORO BENEFIT compilation 7" with slum gang, lazy mans load, corpus vile, pink flamingos, gadawor gorbse. RM14
V/A (kyrgyzstan) - BISHKEK IS BURNING compilation 7" (tian an men 89 records) with shugar, ya ves zeleniy, garik mityaev, halligany & ra, milk vokydas  RM22
V/A (suriname / guyana) - SURINAME PUNKS MEET GUYANA PUNKS compilation 7" (tian an men 89 records) with de rotte appels, adhd, keep your day job     RM28
STAR WARS - droid world the further adventures 7" + 24 page read along book